Linux Fans Say The Darnest Thing

Hi, I'm a Software Engineer who is tired of the Linux Community growing with immature crazy extremist fans trying to be l33t.

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I’ve notice there’s some sane Linux fans on r/rLinux. Holy shit! When did that happen?

Linux Mint 13

Fuck Yeah

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

    Go check it out. 

Oh god, I went to Mr. Pogson’s blog again.

He’s an old man who write a blog like a 12 year old. He makes the Linux community look like a bunch of 12 years old. He’s supposedly a retired IT professional, but my 6 year old nephew has more maturity than him. 

This is the reason why I made this blog, I’m tired of the Linux community making all the linux fans look like a bunch of unprofessional brats. We need to stop that, we can’t be fanboys, we need to act like adults.


With the whole Oracle vs Google thing, people in the open source community keeps thinking Microsoft is going to attack Mono. That is not going to happen, don’t ignore a good technology like Mono just because you think Microsoft is going to destroy it. Microsoft couldn’t care less about Mono. Mono is not going to interfere with .Net(which is only for MS Products) so it’s not a threat to Microsoft. All it does is allows us to code C# for other platforms(Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android). Don’t treat Mono like you’re retarded uncle, take advantage of it. Use it for your projects, and most importantly of all, contribute to Mono.

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Awesome, the one Linux Distro I enjoy using on my desktop. 

I went to Mr. Pogson’s blog to see what I could make fun of

but I’ve already made fun of everything he said. He keeps repeating himself over and over.

  • Linux isn’t 1% usage it’s more like 80%
  • More sales of mobile devices vs PCs means that no one is using their PCs 
  • Windows is going to fail this release. 10 years ago it was “No one will use XP”, 6 years ago was “Vista will make everyone come over to Linux”. A few years ago it was “Windows 7 is a complete failure and no one will want it. They’ll migrate to Linux” And now it’s “Windows 8 will be the final blow to teh giant M$”.

I realize I’ve made fun too much. I need to find another hardcore linux fanboy to make fun of. Can’t be too hard :P

A new blog I’m starting.

Windows 8

"I can’t wait for Windows 8 to come out so it can fail and everyone will switch to linux." -Random Linux Fanboy I Know

 That’s right as soon as Windows 8 gets released, the public will scream in terror at Metro and quickly download a random Linux distro to install on their computer. 

Now in the real world, if people don’t like Windows 8, they’ll probably go back to Windows 7 or get a Mac. But the crazy linux fanboys don’t live in the real world.

GNU - Words to avoid

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I like Open Source and love software freedom, but…

I can’t stand the Free Software Foundation

People who break security are “crackers.”


My god, FSF is restarted.


This is how I used my computer on Sunday:

-Wake up, tap the mouse to wake the screen. My Windows 7 machine has been running for 21 days straight without a reboot or logoff. (Proprietary OS)

-Make a 1 hour call to my father back in America using Skype. (proprietary VOIP software)

-Chat with a co-workers on QQ about what I will do at work tomorrow (proprietary messaging client)

-Later that day browse some news websites and check my email with Opera (Proprietary web browser)

-While doing chores listen to Michigan Radio, my favorite NPR station via XMPlay (Proprietary audio player)

-In the evening I play Team Fortress 2 for about an hour. (Proprietary computer game)

That’s just one day. Other days I might watch a movie, go through my digital photos, write a document, or do some other work. All of this is done mostly with proprietary software. I do use some FOSS software, but only because I’m happy with HOW it works, not that it is FOSS. I don’t use Linux because I’m unhappy with its performance, design, and it does not run the software I like to use.

Here is the big point most FOSS advocates just can’t get a grip on. I don’t give a damn about FOSS freedom! I don’t need it. NOT having complete and total freedom over the software I use is NOT a problem for me, at all. I don’t care about the freedoms you hold so dear to your heart. I do the things *I* want to do and *I* am happy. Millions of other people are happy too. Freedom to do something is only as valuable as it is useful.

But, carry on trying to convince others that they need to support your ideas and how they’ll work better. That worked out so well in the past with religion and politics. Me? I’ll go back to actually using my computer to do things, rather than argue about what I can and can’t do with some computer code.



(Amen to that)


Embedded Developer and Linux Fan

  • embedded dev: LOL. As an embedded dev, I wouldn’t want to run Linux, nor can I.
  • It’s basically:
  • GCC only (Linux) which often sucks or doesn’t support tons of common MCUs (or existing codebases)
  • vs
  • GCC + Imagecraft + Keil + IAR and plenty of others (Windows). The best tools, and all of the tools. It all works. Same for all the JTAG/ICE tools and what not. Everything embedded related (including Altium Designer and many CAD apps) works on Windows, whereas on Linux 95% of my work simply can’t be done.
  • Janne: Sorry to hear that you are in such a painful situation.
  • I agree that when it comes to PCB CAD the situation with Linux is, well, not very good. Fortunately I very seldom do PCB CAD anymore. When I have to do that I run PADS under XP.
  • One problem with all those proprietary environments are that they are incompatible. And what codebase? Maybe your existing codebase.
  • If you work with ARM processors you either buy RVDS from ARM or use GCC and friends. If you work with some oddball processor I assume you have to buy IAR.
  • embedded dev: Nah, it’s anything but a painful situation. Linux would be a painful situation. Windows runs all the best software you can wish for, and it all works a million times better than what Linux has to offer. What else could I ask for?
  • We do work with a bunch of different MCUs, and they’re fairly popular ones — definitely not what you’d call “oddball”. There is more than ARM out there. And yes, incompatible codebases as in “code our company and partner companies have written over the last 10 to 15 years”.
  • The only place where we use ARM is for custom WinCE devices, so once more GCC is not an option. BTW Keil MDK-ARM another great option for ARM devices.
  • Janne: Fair enough, I use GNU tools whenever I can, you use whatever tools you like.
  • Have a nice weekend!
  • Dr.Loser: And GNU tools have what, again, to do with Linux? As I remember, your original argument was that you use Linux by preference.
  • It’s beyond me how Linux can help you with a PIC processor. Or indeed with a VxWorks system. Or basically most of the known embedded system universe. Linux really isn’t much cop beyond i86 … although I suppose you can always use it for cross-compilation, possibly even for emulation. (Although the last time I saw PIC, it existed in a Windows emulation environment.)
  • It isn’t really much of an argument at all, is it? If you’re targeting an embedded system, you use whatever development environment you have available. It hardly matters what it is — you rarely have enough choice to be worth spit.
  • So, I’m suggesting that an argument from embedded systems is barely relevant on either side of this supposed divide: it’s rarely, if ever, about either personal choice or technical superiority.

"I had a virus on my mini and went to hp site to do a usb factory restore. It loaded linux instead of XP! How can i get my xp back?"

A man asked this on an HP Forum looking for help.

Here was one of the response:

"Once you realize that Windows is the virus download client that you have to pay for, you may appreciate Linux better."

Most likely you just showed how annoying Linux fans can be…. Instead of promoting your favorite OS, you should just help the man. Don’t say Windoze, don’t tell him that Linux is better, don’t tell him how much Windows sucks, all that is going to do is annoy the man.

1000x better

Meh….just read up on linux it’s 1000x better.

Who needs MS software. There’s almost always a free equivilant…
AIM=GAIM, ICQ i think is linux compatible
Word=Jeez there’s thousands…
PowerPoint=Who cares its crap, get Flash if you want a real professional presentation thing”

W-Unit -

GIMP is not a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop. I know a lot of graphic designer, and all of them HATED GIMP.

People also need to use Excel, MS SQL Server, and Visual Studio. Some people like there games they spent money on. Some people just don’t like using Linux.

Linux isn’t 1000x better. It has it’s uses just like Windows and OS X. There’s pros and cons, just pick the one that works for you.